In your professional life it’s really important how you present yourself to everyone else, might it be in an interview or in your working environment, even more important when you own a business and market yourself and your own company.

But so many owners, founders, entrepreneurs are missing out on the most important self-presentation ever: your online representation. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn nothing matters more than your profile on social networks. If you’ve ever used LinkedIn you know how it tells you your profile is more likely to be viewed or found with every improvement you make, like your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile picture or gets 17 times more views if you include your skills in your profile. These numbers might be from LinkedIn, but they can be applied to every social network. A good profile attracts attention and views and can help you improve your business through the easiest changes.

And here they are: 5 Ways you can improve your Profile on the BWT today:

1. Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first and one of the most important impressions you give online, it gives your profile a personal note instead of having a faceless page. Of course, it’s important that it’s appropriate for the occasion, it represents you and your business well on professional pages, so make sure it’s of a high quality and fits well to how you display you and your business.

2. Stay Professional

Make sure that you express everything professionally and that you never violate the networks guidelines or rules, or your profile won’t be useless, you might even be excluded from the usage of the network. Potential business partners or sponsors will look at the expression, word and picture choice and judge your business professionality based on that, so it’s really important for your representation to stay professional at all times.

3. Include Everything Important

This is really important when it comes to a description of your skills, knowledge and experience. Your profile should include everything that’s vital for your business, important to know when it comes to explaining your background or good to know for potential partners. Just make sure to stay truthful and don’t include false information, again this might affect the professionality of your company if you’re dishonest with your skills or accomplishments to attract people.

4. Link Important Networks

Another really important and easy step is to link all your profiles on social networks together. Make sure to have your LinkedIn here on the BWT, your Facebook (for your business of course) on your LinkedIn and your business website on your Facebook. With professional profiles everywhere and a clear linkage between them and to your official business website it’s easier to find you online and to find out as much as possible about you and your business.

5. Keep It Updated

Last, but certainly no least, it’s super important to keep all of your profiles up to date at all times. Again, this links in with the professional aspect. If the information on one of your pages is not accurate anymore you should change it as soon as you know, you never know who views your profile in that time and is left with wrong information. Always make sure to include recent happenings or changes that occurred in your business to keep everyone interested up to date.

These changes are so easy or might be even just habits to start on your social networks from now on but they can seriously improve your experience on social networks like the BWT and help you grow your business on an even bigger scale. 

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