I am often asked, “How do you build a successful business”? My answer is simple, work on it EVERYDAY….even if it’s only for a few hours, it’s an extra few hours to push it forward. Complacency is the death to any business. When you think you’ve done enough, do more! Work on it even when you don’t feel that you need to, because that’s when it really needs it! No business EVER grew on its own, without effort and energy behind it.

When people run a business on just a few hours a week and wonder why it’s not making the money they want or need and see that it is not taking off, they get down hearted. But how could it possibly, when there is no driving force behind it. The world we live in is made of energy, without energy the world is static. It is the same with a business. When you put your intention and thought into it, it starts to move and gather pace. The more you think about it (positively) the faster it moves. The more you concentrate on your marketing, new offerings, new products, it starts to grow and make money. It creates momentum.

If you feel that you’re up to date on your business with day to day tasks, don’t sit back and take it easy, use the time to research others in your industry or sector and spend time investigating or exploring new initiatives and ideas. Research often triggers creative thoughts for you, to use in your business. Get the creative juices flowing!

Spend time improving processes and systems. There is ALWAYS something to do on your business, to push it forward and give it the very best chance of survival and success. You owe it to your business to love it and nurture it, if you want a return from it financially. What you give out, you get back!

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