You cannot make a successful business out of something that you’re not passionate about (unless you’re an investor). However hard you try, it’s virtually impossible!

Passion is everything. It makes a huge difference to the end result. When you feel passion for your business you put your heart and soul into it and it shows!

When you talk to somebody that has a passion for their business their eyes shine, they become animated when talking about it and they smile a lot. Is that you?

Loving what you do!

Do you want to jump out of bed in the morning to embrace a new day and can’t wait to see what opportunities and excitement the day brings, or would you rather put your head back under the duvet and hide?

It’s very easy to refer new customers to a person that has a passion for their business, because it shines through when people first meet them.  They are consistent and won’t let you down.

But have you ever dealt with a lack lustre business owner, where everything is too much effort, their heart is not really in it and quite frankly they don’t give a damn? Why on earth would you spend money with this type of business or even help them – they will let you down and also the person you referred!

If you feel that your flame has dimmed slightly, give yourself a talking to, to re-kindle the passion and the desire to face each new day in business.  Focus on the core of your business to remember why you did it to start with and what you REALLY love about it. Think about what excites you.  Maybe now is the time to think about a new approach to your business, to bring back the passion.

Why does it matter?

Passion is everything when you own a small business! Your customers will not buy (with confidence) if they don’t feel passion from YOU!

Take the passion test:

Can you answer YES to the following:

I enjoy the challenge of each new day with excitement and wonder (I’m happy)

I talk about my business with enthusiasm and energy (I’m energised)

If I have a challenge, I work around it and find a solution (I’m resilient)

I want to grow and develop my business (I have a passion for it)

If you’re struggling and need help with the direction of your business but don’t know where to turn, consider Business Coaching or engaging the services of a Business Advisor to help clarify your thoughts and plan where your business is heading. It will make you feel in control again and help set you on a new path with your business, allowing your passion to re-ignite.


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