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This is your shop window to represent you and your business. It is not just what you do but how you present it too. It is your opportunity to attract like-minded members with similar interests and to see if there is a potential collaboration or sharing of relevant connections. We would encourage you to create your profile page very soon after joining as a member, to help you and other members get the most benefit from this unique platform.

You have options on how you choose to present your text (similar to Word) and to show images, which can be your business card, promotional banner, or showing your product or what you do. Choose your profile picture well of how you want to be seen. You can also add your social media identifiers or links as well.

Blogs and Vlogs

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This is for contributing a more structured and considered article or video that you feel will be educational, informative or entertaining for BWT members. The best blogs or vlogs will feature on the Home Page for visitors to see as well. For the blog, use the Word style template where you can include images as well.

Private Chat

This is for a personal communication with another member. Just select the option and the member’s name, and send your message. You can also use the BWT Chat app on your phone to do this, at any time.

Private Group Chat

This is for communicating a message to the whole group that you belong to. Select the relevant group, type your subject heading and text message, and click/tap send to group.

Create Your Group

You can create your own group and logo and be the moderator of this. Click/tap on this option and follow the information given on what to do next.

Open Chat Rooms

Chat with all members in an open conversation. You will probably mostly do this through the BWT Chat app on your phone. Just type your message and then tap/click on SEND.


Send other BWT Members a private message, whether you are Connected or not. This is a useful feature if you want to contact someone that you are not yet connected with, maybe someone who you are interested in finding out more about.


Select the topic you want to read the comments posted, and enter your contribution and hit REPLY for it to appear publicly. You have an option to edit within the first 15 minutes.

If you have a query or want further help, please contact


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