I am a registered naturopathic physician and osteopath, graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1998. I have lived in Highgate for over twenty years and would like to make my unique style of practice more accessible. My disposition is totally conducive to my style of practice: “slow natural medicine”. I am a keen promoter of wellness and disease prevention. Experience gained having used this approach to healthcare while overcoming my own health issues equips me with invaluable insight.

I spent many years working at major law firms in the City of London. Like many people, I have always been inspired by and fascinated with natural approaches to health and healing. I could also be described as a geeky bookworm who much appreciates technology and loves gadgetry. An avid music listener, I also enjoy writing and research—my spiritual leaning having prompted the study of Mandarin Chinese. I also enjoy the more simple things of life like walking and loves experimenting in the kitchen trying to create tempting, nutritious, delicious-tasting food.

You might consider consulting me for guidance on health solutions, or whenever you are seeking information/advice/reassurance in relation to the myriad of health alternatives available. Visit http://bit.ly/NaturopathicConsultation to find out what to expect at a naturopathic consultation.

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