Hey everyone!

My name is Mary and I am from Hamburg, Germany, currently doing an Internship with Global Woman, so I will be living in London for the next eight weeks, working with them. I live in Brixton with some other students, working close to Tower Hill, getting to know London, definitely the most exciting city in the world. The work experience will also help me at some time in my future and I can’t wait to make the most out of time here!

I just finished my school back in Hamburg, taking my final exams in English, German, History and Biology and before I start studying English back in Germany in October, I thought I would use my months off doing something new and exciting but also useful. Instead of going on a cruise with my parents, around the UK and Ireland, that was quite a hard choice to be honest, I applied for this Internship and will spend my summer working for Global Woman, and especially for The BusinessWoman Today.

You will probably see me on the BWT membership platform more frequently from now on, since we want to see this incredibly useful networking page blossom over the next few weeks. I will try to give you some tips on the website overall, try to get you started on features like this blog or the forums and communicate with the members. The BWT is still developing and we think there is a lot of unfilled potential for members of this platform.

We all still need to get to know the opportunities that social media and networking websites like this give us, they are going to be more and more important every day. More people every day are beginning to realise the potential of Social Media and it is new ground for so many businesses, which is why it’s especially important to discover new features every day and seize every opportunity you see.

I hope that you will get to learn some new and exciting features on here over the next few weeks and see the full potential of this networking site. I can’t wait to see more of you getting involved, communicating with each other, getting to know new people and seeking out new opportunities! I am also very excited to meet the members and get to know who they are.

If you have any ideas, questions or thoughts on The BWT and its features, please feel free to comment on here or contact us, we are happy to see that everyone gets involved!

Kind regards and happy networking,


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