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     Mareike Rubien 

    Good morning everyone,

    today there will be another brand-new Tip of the Day, but today will be about another awesome feature of the BWT website again! I’m sure, that many of you have already checked it out or even made use of it: The Blogs and Vlogs section.

    You can find it in the column at the top of the page right under “Blogs and Vlogs” and it will take you straight to the newest blogs published and the option of creating your own. You can check out all of the blogs, there are stories about our members and what they do or from the BWT Team, I wrote one when I came here about my work with the Global Woman Club as well. 🙂

    If you want to create your own, you can write about your business, what you do, your story or anything else, I am sure everyone on here has something interesting to share that all of the other members would love to read about!

    You can create your own at the top of the Blogs and Vlogs page, there is the “Create your Blog here” button and right next to it the “How to create your first Blog or Vlog” where all the steps on how to publish a blog are listed. You can add pictures, tags or even a video to make it a Vlog. Just paste your text and headline in there, you can edit the text as well by highlighting part of the text and a window with features like text size, boldness etc. will pop up. After you are finished you can click on “Preview” and make further changes until you are happy with it and you are good to go and publish your first blog! 😀

    I would love to see all of our members tell their story of their business for all of us to read, there are so many inspiring and exiting stories between us waiting to be told.

    Have a fabulous day,


     Kicki Pallin 

    Wonderful Mary, and me too, so looking forward to be reading new blogs and looking at some vlogs! Like you say, *there are so many inspiring and exiting stories between us waiting to be told.”!



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