Latest Tip of the Day – Producing an Interview

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     Mareike Rubien 

    Good morning everyone,

    It’s time for another brand new Tip of the Day, but today I thought we might try something a little bit different, something a bit more interactive.

    Our topic today is how to write and create a successful interview, so whether you’re the one asking or answering, what are YOUR number one tips when it comes to interviewing someone or being interviewed?

    I will start as someone who asks the question and my favourite tip has to be: the more interesting your question, the more interesting the answer will be. So open questions with a lot of potential for long answers full of information, don’t be afraid to put everything into your questions, the more you put in the more you’ll get back. Never ever ask a question that could be answered with yes or no, way too many will take that opportunity and leave you with a short and direct answer, and we don’t want that.

    Now it’s up to you! What are you favourite tips? Let all of our members know underneath this post so everyone can learn something new. I can’t wait to see everyone getting involved!

    Have a wonderful new week and make it count!


     Kicki Pallin 

    Great tip Mary, and I really do agree. And being a journalist myself, my best tip would be: remember to be silent. Very often we are so eager to ask the next question that we don’t really listen to the silence in between. It’s when you wait a little while – sitting in silence – that the real treasures can show up.



     Mareike Rubien 

    I love that one so much, thank you very much Kicki for that Tip! 🙂

     Kicki Pallin 

    My pleasure Mary :)!

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