New Tip of the day: How to be successful on Pinterest

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Sarah, a new intern of Global Woman Club and I will post some Tips of the day here. My first tip of the day is actually a number of tips on “How to be successful on the Pinterest platform”. So go check it out!

    Different from other social media, Pinterest rejects to be a social media but it kind of is social media. It is a search engine similar to Google but with the difference that you only can look for pictures. Another difference is that on Pinterest, it is not about having many followers or having many friends there. You just post your pins there.

    I hope you find these tips to be useful or helpful. Please do comment and give feedback to share with others on The BusinessWoman Today platform.

    1. Have a good quality on your pins! Meaning that you should also think of mobile users and adjust your pin to them.

    2. When you are posting Pins, use Rich Pins! Rich Pins add more content to your pin, so you should use it because other users can get a better idea of your pin. And if it is a product, they can also see the price and availability of the product and where to find it.

    3. Something that makes sense on social media: Be active and post regularly! You should post at least five pins a day, more would be better.

    4. Pay attention to your pin description! In Pinterest, the pin description is important, of course, it is a search engine. Put therefore keywords in the description.

    5. Do not just post pins but also engage with other users! Be active in re-pinning, commenting and liking others content!

    I hope you find these tips for Pinterest to be useful or helpful. Do you have other tips for Pinterest? We would like it if you shared them with us!


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