Newest Tip of the Day – 5 Steps to your Success

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     Mareike Rubien 

    Hello and a wonderful morning everyone!

    It’s time again for another Tip of the Day and this time I want to share these 5 steps that will supposedly make you successful in everything you do with you.

    I found an article on this online and thought it was very interesting, I would love to hear your opinion on that, do you think that these 5 steps are actually the secret to success? Let me know! 🙂 And here they are:

    1. Have a Plan: Set clear goals and know how you can reach them.

    2. Study and learn “the Game”: practice what is also known as social intelligence, which is knowing how to behave and react in every setting and situation.

    3. Learn from Failures: Know and analize what went wrong and remember that for the next time, failures are the way to improvement!

    4. Celebrate small Successes: It’s important to always have the big goals in mind but just as important to celebrate every small success on your way there.

    5. Be persistent: Whatever you do or want to achieve, always work hard and never give up! Stay positive and remember why you started.

    I think there is a lot truth in these five steps, but it’s still a very general approach to achieving success. What do you think?

    Read more here.


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