New Tip of the Day – Private Chat and Messages

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     Mareike Rubien 

    Good morning to our members,

    We are back with another great Tip of the Day for you today. Hopefully you enjoyed the last ones and learned some amazing new features on the BWT website! Today will be all about the private chat messages and how you can make the most out of them. 😉

    Of course, you can interact with other members openly on your profile page, in the groups or forums, but there are also the private messages you can send to each other. On your profile page you will find the message button right next to your notifications. Click on there and you will see your chats and can also access your sent messages and compose new ones. Chat away with other members!

    To make it even easier, in the bottom right corner you can see the red chat column. It also shows you how many people are active at the moment! When you click on it and there is a green dot next to the person’s name, that means they are online right now and you can expect an answer straight away! The messages you sent to people earlier trough the chat in your profile will be there as well when you click on the person’s name and load earlier messages.

    I hope that, if you haven’t tried it yet, you will make use of the chat today! You could just say hello to someone new you just became friends with for example or catch up with someone you were in contact with before. 🙂

    Happy chatting,


     Kicki Pallin 

    Thanks Mary, that was really useful information.
    Looking forward to chatting and sharing more tomorrow!

    All my best,


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