I am someone who likes to run towards problems and face them rather than find something easier to do. 

I think that the problems that a lot people run from are the ones that are most interesting and need the most creativity to solve. 

However, sometimes, I sit back and wonder if there are some challenges that you should walk away from. You have done your best, but perhaps it just wasn’t good enough.

At what point do you stop hitting your head against a brick wall and decide to walk away, because however creative your solutions are, they just keep throwing another variable at you to consider or allow for? Even having two diametrically opposite results, perhaps success is possible. In this case, perhaps I just walk away.


What if I am just running scared, what if I am just moaning and saying it’s just too hard and I want an easy life. I have had this situation a few times in my life and each time, I ask myself that question. I sit and ruminate with the possible answers.

In all these situations, I have walked away, once I have sat on the answers to those questions. Hindsight has given me the appreciation of the decision I made for all of them and all of them were the right decision.

Now I am in that situation again and I am asking myself the same questions. Because I now write these thoughts down and post them, it is allowing me to think whilst I write and it is most therapeutic. It has reminded me of those times again. It has reminded me of those answers again. It has reminded me of the outcomes with the benefit of hindsight again.

It has made me realise that the challenge is not too big for me to handle, it is an impossible situation where success is not possible. Even if I leap over the obstacles they put in front of me, another one will soon be there. As I am not a superhero and I am not saving lives, I am ready to walk away.

I hope hindsight will look kindly on this decision too.

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