Confidence. Sometimes it feels like you’ve got it in spades. Other times it can feel like your confidence has gone AWOL and it’s never coming back. Lack of confidence can be really debilitating when you’re trying to set up a business or keep one going – it can leave you with all sorts of negative thoughts about not being good enough or not having what it takes to succeed.

That’s why improving confidence is a huge part of my Rise & Shine programme, an eight-week group coaching session aimed specifically at businesswomen. As well as helping women get clear on their direction and working on focus and motivation, I use tools and techniques to help bring out their confidence and the belief that they can succeed. It’s all pretty powerful stuff!

Looking for some confidence tips to put into action now? Have a go at these…

Do it now!

Yes – now! We often build something up in our minds to be a lot worse/scarier/impossible than it is really is so we procrastinate and put it off. But if you take one first, small step you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily the other steps follow – and before you know it you’ll have completed that ‘impossible’ task.

Learn something new

It could be learning a new language, taking up a new sport or simply figuring out a different route to work. When you take yourself out of our comfort zones and do something new, you naturally feel more confident.

Speak up

Do you usually sit quietly in meetings then afterwards feel cross that you didn’t get your thoughts and opinions across? It may seem daunting, but next time you’re in that situation make a point of saying something early on in the meeting, even if it’s just a few words. Keep doing this and you’ll soon notice that it’s easier to speak up more often and to say more.

Acknowledge your strengths

Stop telling yourself ‘I’m not a confident person’. Write down all the areas of your life, such as family, friends, work and hobbies, then rate your confidence in each of them. You’ll probably find you feel more confident in some areas than others. Now write down the skills you have along with a rating. Understanding the strengths you have in some areas can help you use them in others where you feel less confident.

Ask for feedback

At times we can be our own worst enemies, scrutinizing everything we say, do and even think. By asking for feedback from a partner, friend or colleague, you’ll often find that you’re actually seen as a lot more knowledgeable, capable and confident than you believe.

Pat yourself on the back

When you complete or achieve tasks, the happy hormone dopamine is released into the body, giving you a natural lift.  So make a To Do list and each time you tick an item off your list really give yourself praise to activate that boost. Start by tackling the easiest things and by the time you get to the trickier ‘To Do’ items you’ll be fired up ready to get them done.

* If you’d like more information on my Rise & Shine workshop please contact me at  [email protected]

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