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❓ Are you a business owner with endless ideas to grow your business?

❓ But no time to implement them?

❓ And is it difficult for you to choose the right idea to get started?

☛ Then we should have a conversation.


I am a Business Operations Consultant with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in optimizing business operations.As former Business Consultant, having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, and as International Trainer, having trained more than 42 nationalities in more than 14 countries, I craft practicable action plans for you and help your team to implement them.


Thriving in business means to me, being successful in what you do and having enough time to invest in your personal growth, in your family and in your business. However, managing such endeavors requires the ability to delegate, to optimize and to focus constantly.


How do I help you achieving this?

☛ By identifying potentials and uncovering inefficiencies

☛ By re-designing processes and workflows to free up capacities for you and your team

☛ By implementing adequate systems to automate and increase efficiency

☛ By drafting clear actionable plans with milestones to measure progress

☛ By training your organization to implement the measures


I am a passionate problem solver with an innate ability to transform businesses. Always focused on the root cause of a problem, I tackle issues head on and enable companies to grow exponentially.


As the CEO of RespectStrategy, a strategic management consulting firm, I open my network to my clients & apply my signature holistic approach to get the result your company has always dreamed of. My engagements as International Strategist have even connected me to some of Hollywoods’ Elite. I am focused on driving business growth and bringing the best strategies to business owners across the world.


As a regular contributor to the Business Booster Today Magazine I share my expertise with a worldwide audience of successful entrepreneurs.

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0-3 years in business

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We help companies and entrepreneurs to work more efficiently by:


– streamlining backend processes
– standardizing and automating processes
– increasing communication within a company
– implementing programs and trainings to develop teams


Our approach is 100% customized, hands-on and easy to implement. We deliver customer excellence and results.

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Specialist In

– Strategic Management Consulting
– Operations Management
– PreSales (Sales of complex products / services)
– Productivity & Goal Setting
– Time Management
– Corporate Trainings
– Onboarding and Orientation Programs for new hires
– Customer Satisfaction Programs

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