When you create a new slide in your presentation you choose the layout that the slide will use, such as Title Slide, Title and Content, Title Only and so on. The Slide Master stores the default design of these layouts, such as the background, colours, fonts, positioning of the placeholders and so on.

It is highly recommended that you determine the design of your presentation within the Slide Master rather than by formatting each individual slide. This will save you time and ensure your presentation is consistent. The same applies if you have a graphic or text that you want to appear on every slide it is a good idea to insert this within the Slide Master rather than on each slide, again to ensure all slides in your presentation are consistent.

1.  From the ribbon, select the View tab and then the Slide Master icon.
2.  Slide Master view will open.
3.  Within the Slide Master pane on the left, scroll to the very top and select the Slide Master. Its layout will be displayed.
4.  Insert the text and/or graphics to appear on every slide, and any other changes you wish to make.
5.  When you have finished select the Close Master View icon.

All your slides will now display this graphic and/or text. When you are working in Normal view, you will not be able to edit or move this graphic/text in any way. You will only be able to do this in Slide Master view.

Note that any graphic or text or formatting added to the Slide Master will appear on every slide. If you do not want this to happen you can edit each individual slide layout below the main Slide Master.


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