Patience is a Virtue!

Networking is a skill that can be taught. If you’re good with people, you will be a natural at it! All you have to remember is that it takes time to develop long lasting strategic alliances that will be a benefit to both parties.  

Always be in it for the long game, not the quick win.  These alliances, when nurtured, will reap their long term rewards.

The formula for successful networking is very simple: Relationship = Successful Networking

Building Lasting Relationships

Networking is essentially about relationships and taking the time to build strong, solid and worthwhile relationships with a person that you like, admire or trust. Of course none of these things happen overnight.  I call this ‘layering the relationship’. Simply, this means that once you’ve met the other person for a 1-2-1 meeting (getting to know them and their business), do it again, soon and then again! Next time you meet find out more about the other person, about their background, their family, their vision and dreams for their business.

Find out how you can help them with the growth and development of their business? 

Listen Out

Remember when finding out how you can help, it’s not you that will buy from them, but people that you know. This is the 3rd party referral that we all strive for.  You need to be educated by them to listen out for the perfect referral situation and conversation.

You of course will only refer to a business that  you know will work and deliver to the same code of ethics as you, have the same core values as you, run a great business with customer satisfaction at its heart and take pride in everything they do and offer. Like attracts like!

Ready to Refer

Once you feel comfortable with the way that the other person operates their business (and vice versa) both parties will feel confident to refer business to each other.

Remember, your own reputation is on the line when you refer, so ensure that the other person lives up to your exacting standards, delivers on time and on budget.

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