Today i was walking in the supermarket lost in thoughts on what to eat. Doing my routine grocery shopping and suddenly i feel like i’m leaving my body. My whole being is separated from my body and it feels a little surreal. I look around and see a lot of woman and in this moment i start to become aware of their presence. They all look if their bodies are doing the grocery shopping but they are not fully present in the moment. I notice no one is actually looking happy, no woman is smiling. I guess it’s just a routine job for woman to walk down the aisles in the supermarket, we don’t think about it. I get curious and try to look a little closer to all the woman in this state i’m in. I see so many different colors, shapes and stages of age. Where do they come from? What is their story? How is their life? Are they lonely? Are they struggling? What would make them happy? I feel answers coming in. Am i having a conversation with all this woman on a subconscious level? The answers are nice. Health, love, safety, wealth, prosperity, vitality, happiness, inspiration, motivation and recognition. When these answers enter my soul i feel united. We all want the same, we all need the same. I walk towards the aisle of fresh produce and i look into a dark pair of eyes. I notice some wrinkles and dark circles under her eyes. We stare for a brief moment and i feel sadness. This woman’s soul is touched by sadness. My soul says, hello i recognize you. Is this what they mean with Namasté?  We smile to each other and i proceed with my grocery shopping feeling my being whole again. When i walked to my car i thought about her and about Global Woman. If we would have met at a breakfast i probably walked to her to connect and hear her story. I thought on how wonderful it is to be able to share our stories. To share our talks, writings and our energy. Besides all my feelings of wonder about Global Woman i have some difficulties experiencing my own presence. As an empath and introvert with a high level of sensitivity it feels like a challenge on many levels. With all of these amazing woman bringing in their energy i can quickly become overstimulated and when that happens i struggle to share my story. In my head or while writing everything always comes out better. In a group i rather listen to others and another perk is that i always feel the need to give and help others to make them feel better. So on a personal and professional level being in a room full of amazing souls i am on a path of learning. I love to write but i don’t like to be on stage. If you want to see the best of me i prefer one on one talk. Mirela Sula the founder of our amazing Global Woman Clubs says ” if you want to empower a woman give her a microphone. Well i guess writing is my microphone. But i am willing to learn. Learn from all courageous woman i meet and enjoy the variety in their being. I will make a statement by saying that being a member of Global Woman takes me out of my comfort zone into a world worthy of exploring and i am grateful for all the experiences so far. 

When the Global Woman books will be launched i will read every one of the probably amazing transformational stories and be inspired by you all. In return i hope to inspire you with my blogs. As a nutritionist and health specialist with more than 20 years of experience i hope to bring you valuable content and information about health of our body, mind and spirit. Because i have some stories to share too. 

To be continued…

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