Take a break to become more productive

We you own a business you work ridiculous hours without even realising it, until you hit the brick wall of tiredness and fatigue. This may sometimes stop you in your tracks either by tiredness or pure tiredness (and usually at the most inconvenient time).

It is important to take a look at your regular work pattern and see if you can make changes. Do you work late a night? Or are you an early riser working at dawn? Either way, it is often a long day and you don’t even notice, because you love what you’re doing.

Working late at night

Working late at night can disturb your sleep pattern. Not only is your head buzzing with ideas and information, but when you do eventually go to bed it is difficult to ‘switch off’ and go to sleep. It is not helped by the fact that the screen on your PC or laptop emits off blue light which tricks your brain into thinking it’s morning (so therefore makes it even more difficult to get to sleep). You can toss and turn and take hours to get to sleep because you are still wired from working late (my advice is to keep a small notepad by your bed to get the ideas from your head, onto paper, therefore giving your brain the time to rest).

Sometimes during the day, if you are feeling tired, you are not being productive. Everything takes so much longer to do and you are at risk of making silly and costly mistakes! When you feel like this you have to make the hard decision to STOP working for a while! Walk away from your work for a few hours and take a walk to get some fresh air or sit down with a nice cup of coffee and a book. Relax. Take time out to re-energise, re-focus and get your bounce back!

If you have worked hard all day, its early evening, your energy levels have slumped, give in and go to bed early, tackle it again in the morning. The work will still be there! After all, tomorrow is another day!

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