There is a wave of new talents plus the high energy needed for those talents, getting born worldwide. As Nature works from the need of a specie,  at first, an upgraded version does not exists to accommodate them to their full extend, so the new abilities, greater energy and higher vibration, are born in old-model bodies. Sometimes those outdated, fragile matrix of a body cannot sustain the strain of the new, expanded soul, and some of the “fuses” here and there will blow, rendering the body dysfunctional.

It is like a grown person intending to fit into a kid’s suit simply because there is no other clothing available. Depending on the suit, some parts will be very tight, but will hold, while others would burst open from the pressure. In no way the “super-hero” inside is less valid or broken, but he might have limited functioning in the physical sense, as the tight costume restricts movements and blood circulation while the ripped open parts cannot keep him warm and comfortable.

If we give Batman a Mini Cooper with punctured tires instead of his proper Batmobile there is not much we can expect from him, right?

In the last couple of decades many of those special people are getting born with perfectly aligned bodies and minds (fuses intact), but they seem clueless of what they really are or how to tap into what they have brought to this world which creates them great discomfort, confusion and feeling misplaced. Those, we need to educate to lead Humanity to its rightful place.

I invite you to enter the ASD world from my point of view and experience, learn from each other and use our unique strengths and talents to grow together.

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