Sometimes it is not about what you do or don’t do; who you are or aren’t; what you are good or bad at; your strengths and weakness or even who you define yourself to be. It is about turning up.

You may want to go and hide somewhere; stay in bed; run away; pass the message on; go somewhere else, but all you need to do is turn up.

Often people don’t need to utilise our skills, or minds , or talents, or systems or anything else we have in our arsenal. Often they just need someone to stand next to them, to help them, to be a warm body, to be a shoulder, to be a support, to help them stay motivated, to help them remain on target, to remind them of what they said they would do, to help them do it, to get stuck in. To keep each other company whilst you each do you own thing.

Don’t underestimate the power of turning up. When asked, when invited, even when neither, but you know that company is what is needed. A sounding board, a pair of ears or just a smiley friendly face.

Turning up shows you care, beyond yourself and what you are. It shows, because you are there. This is not about you, but them. Often it gives you the ability to turn up, because you no longer need to think about you, but them.

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