Fear seems to reduce even the most capable of people to an immovable object. So how capable do you have to be not to be knocked sideways by fear?

Fear stops us from doing stupid things, so, rightly, we should listen a little to the scared commentary in our own heads. But it stops us from doing great things, crazy things, things others haven’t done before and sometimes things that are right for us, but will make others look on in amusement.

What are the things you really want to do? I have spoken with a couple of people recently who have worried about doing something so have not gone ahead and done it. Not enough money to kick it off, fear of confrontation or the risk of failure.

Fear of failure is one that I have already written about and whilst many see failure as bad, it can be seen as a lesson learned and a way of showing us what can work.

Fear in this day and age in most established societies doesn’t save us from lions and tigers and bears (‘oh my’). What it does save us from is putting ourselves out there, doing things a different way, doing things our way, being a leader, being a nut, being an inventor, being an innovator. So thinking about it this way, what is the worst that can happen?

Whenever you are looking at your life and thinking, when I win the lottery, when I retire, when I have more money, when the kids are all grown up, when I get the promotion, you are wasting an opportunity because you are worried about something. What is that something? Why not now?

So ask yourself, why not now and what is the worst that can happen? If you are ever fearful of taking that leap because of all the mundane reasons I pointed to above, sit down and write a list. If I did this, what is the worst that could happen?

Often, when we think about it clearly and logically, it isn’t that bad. A room full of people seeing you fluff your lines: They may not even spot it, but mostly, they will feel for you because it is their fear too.

Quitting your job to sail around the world, most people will say they think you are mad, but inside will be secretly envious.

When fear grips you, sit down with yourself and really think about what the worst is, then set up a plan to mitigate it. Once you have done your preparation, the worst that can happen won’t seem so bad and you can get on with the task you have been so scared of.

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