Doing your own thing
When we decide to set up a business there is always a deciding factor that pushes us from employee to entrepreneur. It may be that you reached a significant birthday and it’s now or never, maybe you’ve had a family and wanted a live a flexible life, perhaps you hated being told what to do and wanted to control your own destiny, or you inherited some money that gave you the confidence to give it a go. It may be as simple as the fact that you just always wanted to do your own thing!

These are your reasons but not your WHY

The WHY has nothing to do with money, it’s about passion. Passion for what you do is the thing that keeps you working until midnight every night, skip events with friends and family, and sacrifice your social life to push your business forward.

It’s not easy!
Running a business is hard work and stressful, so the passion and your WHY are so important to identify at an early stage, to keep you focused and on track, while you work to make your business a success.

If you’re not 100% committed to making your vision a reality, you won’t be impassioned enough to nurture your business when you hit the inevitable brick wall.

But have you ever sat down and thought about your WHY?

What is it about what YOU do, that makes you so passionate?

What keeps you motivated when times are tough?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“What’s my purpose in life?” Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Write down an answer. Write another one and keep writing answers until one of them resonates so powerfully that you know you’ve found your WHY.

Don’t fake it!
You can’t fake passion, it has to be authentic. If it’s authentic it will attract people to you that want to get close to you, feed off your passion, your enthusiasm, and ultimately buy from you because they believe that they are getting the best ever product or service.

If you struggle to find the answers by yourself, poll some close friends and family and ask them what they think makes you tick and why they think you love what you do to make a success of your business. You may be surprised (and flattered) at what you hear, but ultimately you know your WHY, you just have to let it surface above all the ‘noise’ of everyday events and distractions. Your WHY is what makes you feel fulfilled and give you joy in your life!

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