Do you consider the value of your own energy?  

I’m sure we’ve all had times when we have felt exhausted.  Hopefully, we’ve equally had times when we’ve felt vitalised and ready to take on all challenges.  That energy has value but how often do we acknowledge its worth?

Let’s make a monetary comparison…

Think of the tradespeople you pay because of the energy they put into their trade – mental and physical energy. Whether it’s the creation of ideas or the execution of the plan, their energy is worth something to you and you pay them money in return.

Now think of your own energy – Do you value it in the same way? Really?

When was the last time someone did you a wrong turn?

How much time or energy did you spend thinking about that argument, that situation, having the post-event analysis of “What if”s? Spending time on the “I should have said”s?

What if I told you that they had moved on? They’re not spending their time and their energy thinking about you.

So how much is your time worth to you? What is your hourly rate?

Now add up the amount of time you have spent on that situation…. Honestly. Every time you checked your email, every time you checked Facebook, every time you checked your phone. Every minute that you played it back.

Multiply that time by your own hourly rate.

Write out a cheque for that amount. Now write their name on the payee line and post it to them.

Would you ever do it? No.  (Can you imagine explaining THAT to your accountant?!)

Have you ever done it? Energetically speaking, perhaps you have.

Save your energy for moving forwards.  Recognise its worth and spend your energy on activities which benefit you and your business.

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