Don’t fear technology! Many of us shy away from new technology, online activity or apps and software that can help our business, but ALL of these can make our life easier or help us run our business more efficiently and effectively. After all what is there to be scared of? It’s often just a micro chip! The fear of the fear is normally greater than the reality!

The world is now moving faster and we need to keep up if we are to stay in the race and become successful.

Cost is always a contributing factor with start up businesses, but sometimes I feel it is an excuse. Many apps, software and online activity have a free version. You can start with the basic version and if you really enjoy using it and see what it can offer, saving time or making you more efficient, then step up and get the ‘paid for’ version. This means that you are moving on in your business and earning more money. When you start to become successful, you cannot run your company on a shoestring anymore! It needs investment or it will stagnate.

Many women (and men) may have decided to become a business owner at a later stage in their life, they did not grow up with technology in their generation, so therefore it stops them engaging it and embracing it.

When we decide to upgrade to a new phone or laptop, we often spend a long time researching it and looking for the best deal. Do the same with different types of software or apps. Ask for recommendations from other business owners.

Research is a great ‘leveller’ and a little knowledge is better than none!

Technology is good (on the whole) and helps us deal with tasks much faster.

I use my PC every day, can do tasks in a fraction of the time, so what’s not to love about that! But there is stuff out there (apps and software) that are amazing and I haven’t even found them yet (they will become my new best friend)! Just remember these are created to help us run our businesses in a smarter (and speedier) way, giving us more leisure time!

Tips: If new technology scares you, then take it head on! Research the hell out of it, so you have a basic understanding. Who knows, it may capture your imagination, and you could even learn to love it!



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