A regular effort to build your business presence on-line will eventually pay off. Both your content and brand will become indexed by Google as you continually become active writing blogs, posting on social media and posting information about your business online. Others will begin to share your content via their own social media channels which will help your business and brand go ‘viral’. The name for this is ‘crowd sourced marketing’.

‘Build’ Social Equity

Your efforts to build social equity, one tweet at a time, one blog at a time, one Facebook post at a time will become easier as you do more of it. Think of your brand and business as a house and part of the house building process is to start with solid and stable foundations. Your foundations are the support to ensure that your house (your brand) stay upright and does not collapse. Your house over the years will gain reputation and heritage, making it more valuable and solid. It is not always obvious to see how this may be having an impact on your business until you start to Google your business name (or even your own name) to see how many mentions (or pages of mentions) there are about your business. When you look back in a few years time you’ll see just how much you have achieved and just how far you’ve come by doing one post every few days. The beauty is that all this marketing is FREE. Yes, it takes time, yes, it’s a chore, but when you are building a new business, waiting for sales, you have time on your side! The drip, drip approach will pay dividends.

The Specialist in your Industry

Writing blogs a few times a month can help you to build up a strong presence on-line which also positions you as a ‘specialist’ in your industry or sector. It will help support you as a credible author of original content. But more importantly it will leave a great legacy about you and your business. You will become indexed, on-line, forever! A word to the wise….be careful what you write about….there is no going back once it has been published on-line and ‘out there’. You cannot retract it once it’s been indexed by search engines. If you work hard to increase your social following on your chosen social media channels by 200 followers, per channel, per month (let us assume that you use channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) then you would have 36,000 followers in 5 years. That is massive! Growing your newsletter emailing list by just 100 new subscribers per month (which is hard but achievable) would equate to 6,000 recipients in 5 years! That is a BIG and valuable email list and a great marketing opportunity for your business (and valuable to a new owner if you sold your business).

One step at a time

My advice is to be consistent and regularly post, to build your presence on-line – but do it one step at a time.

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