One of the most important things we should learn and also teach our children is how to be interested and interesting. If you have a business and want to attract people to your business then you should understand that if you come across as interesting then people will become interested in you.

Be Interesting!

If someone has searched for something, seen your marketing or been directed somehow to your website, they have arrived there for a reason; they are potentially interested in what you offer. So, it would stand to reason that they could, potentially, be interested in what you have to say in and around your particular industry. So, if you have lots of interesting content available, mix it up a bit, make it informative and fun and engaging then your potential clients will a) want to stay on your website b) come back c) make a purchase or booking and d) share their discovery or your wonderful website with their friends. It’s what we call a ‘win – win – situation’ 🙂

We Never Said it Was Easy

The hardest part is getting started, thinking of fun and engaging topics and keeping it going. The best way to find out what would be interesting to others is to ask them! Do some market research. Think outside the box a bit. Think about what appeals to you. Don’t forget imagery either. So visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, graphics quickly affect our emotions, and our emotions greatly affect our decision-making. If most of our decisions are based on relatively quick intuitional judgment and emotions, then how many decisions are influenced by visually appealing, easily digested graphics? It stands to reason, therefore, to really give some careful and consistent thought to how you can appeal to people visually.

Google and the Robots

Google navigates the web by crawling. That means they follow links from page to page. We sort the pages by their content and other factors, and we keep track of it all in the index. We write programs and formulas to deliver the best results possible. Algorithms then get to work looking for clues to better understand what you mean. Based on the clues they pull the relevant documents from The Index. They then rank the results using over 200 factors…

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