I am Sarah, an intern at Global Woman Club and I am from near Cologne in Germany. In Germany, I am currently doing vocational training and finish it as a state-certified commercial assistant for foreign languages. My vocational training takes three years of education in which I learn the foreign languages of Spanish, English and French.

Currently being in the third year, I will do an internship for eight weeks. I started on 4th October and will be here until 23rd November, while living with a host family during this time.

At first, I wanted to go to France and improve my French language skills but then I decided I want to go to London. There are some other of my classmates doing their internship here in London, in order to get to know the city and improve our language skills. The programme I am taking part in includes me being at the ECBM (European College of Business and Management) every Tuesday. It is like going to a school where I learn something about the economy in London and have to write an exam piece and pass an oral examination.

After finishing my vocational training, I want to study Japanese and German because I like both of the languages. Besides that, I am especially interested in Japan and everything that concerns Japan.

Earlier, I was not used to Social Media, but today I at least use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and another one which is not very well-known. So I am very excited to get involved with further Social Media because it plays a huge role in our daily lives.

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