I had been invited to an eighty year old man’s birthday party and was fortunate to sit at his table enjoying a delicious spread and lively chatter.  

 The gentleman sitting next to me asked me various questions about myself and my family and to be honest, I volunteered quite private information regarding some financial difficulties that my husband and I were having since our retirement.

 He suggested that we meet and discuss this further a week later as he felt he could help me.

 Of course, I thought the idea rather dubious,  but I did in fact meet with him and took along my household utility bills as I had been asked to.

 Armed with a pile of  utility bills which I set on his table, he showed me his one single bill which listed all of his utilities clearly and to my great surprise, at a huge savings to the pile I had set down.

  We spent about an hour chatting and he described how he, himself, had become a customer of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club and had saved about 500 pounds on his bills during the first year.

   He wanted to help me do exactly as he did.  Well, needless to say….the thought of saving 500 pounds or more put a huge smile on my face.

 He explained in detail the huge benefits of joining the Club and even asked me if and when I felt comfortable, to become a distributor and help other people to save also.

 At first, my husband, like most husbands was not at all interested, but after explaining all I had learned, he concluded that it was a worthwhile idea to switch companies and so we did.

if you or any of your friends or family would like to follow in my footsteps and save huge amounts on their utility bills, please feel free to give them my contact details, so that they may call me and I will sit with them and explain exactly the way that man did at that eightieth birthday party.  How fortunate that I was invited!

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