What is it?

We have all done network marketing all of our lives, without even realizing it! We have recommended a good book, a good film and even a lovely restaurant where we have eaten.  The Author of the book did not pay you. The Cinema did not offer you any free tickets and the Restaurant did not give you a free meal let alone a free drink.

The only difference is that you’ve done it all your lives, but you’ve never been paid for it.

Then we tell our friends and family about them. We do this because these are things in our lives that we have liked and enjoyed. Today many of us do this via several different ways: By text, social media telephone and off course by word of mouth.

However, if you join a network marketing company you will get paid for recommending goods or services of the company that you have joined.

You’ve done that all your life, BUT you’ve NEVER been PAID for doing it. When you become a network marketer you get PAID for doing what you have been doing your whole life for FREE!

Believe it or not network marketing is a career and many people are earning good money, some only working very part time from home.

Why do people continue in the Rat Race?

 They work for a company full time for a set salary. They are told how many hours they must work each day and many people work 5 or more days per week just to make ends meet.  Sometimes they have to travel long distances to work and many return home in the evening, exhausted. Family time can be very restricted, holidays are limited and if they are off sick or indeed out of work for a considerable time many people do not get paid. This is what I mean about the rat race and most people do not know that there is a way out.

What type of People join?

People join this type of business from all walks of life. Unemployed, school teachers, accountants, students, nursing mothers and even wealthy people from very interesting backgrounds.

However, most of these people do this because they want to buy time and improve their lifestyles. They want to have more family time, more days out and not have to be told by their boss when they can take a lunch break or a holiday.

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